John Demartini Speaks Business Mastery at MLX Advance for the Chiropractic Profession

Dr.John Demartini at MLX Advance

Orlando – January 18, 2019 – World-renowned human behavior specialist, researcher, author, and global educator, Dr. John Demartini, lit up the stage and fired up the crowd of chiropractic professionals, at MLX Advance, when divulging how to leverage the chiropractic vision to achieve extraordinary success.

Demartini opened with a question for the audience: How do we expand our chiropractic influence?

“Each of us lives by a set of priorities, a set of values. We evaluate the universe through these values,” dictates Demartini.

Values are what we are inspired to do from within; they are intrinsic. The hierarchy of our values dictates our destiny. The hierarchy of our values dictates our thoughts. Demartini said that if your innermost thought is not chiropractic, don’t expect your external world to reflect it.

Dr. Demartini’s keynote speech, Business Mastery, enacted science-based, human behavior insight providing chiropractors a new perspective on how they can increase patient awareness of health, grow their practice and achieve their full potential of healing people.

“When you can’t wait to get up in the morning and serve people, they can’t wait to be served,” claims Demartini.

We don’t let anything interfere with that vision, says Demartini:

That is the path of chiropractic!”

MLX Advance attendees discovered how they could transform their own unique behaviors into powerful tools, create personal, goal-oriented actions, and transform challenges into growth opportunities to cultivate a cycle of success.

Understanding that balance between work and life is essential to achieving personal growth and business success, Dr. Demartini offered tips for time management, overcoming obstacles, building wealth, and exercising emotional muscle.

Some call it fortitude, some call it hardiness, and some call it grit—chiropractors became inspired and motivated by Dr. Demartini to break through fantasies, accomplish true goals, and master their business in order to achieve success.

Your highest value is the most fulfilling thing we can pursue. Anytime that you do something that is the pinnacle on your value list, you expand your self-worth and value to the world, because, Demartini elaborated, the world on the outside reflects what’s on the inside…our vision spontaneously expands if we live congruently.

“There is nothing outside the chiropractic profession if the chiropractors are living congruently!” Demartini aroused the audience as he exclaimed, “When your highest value is through serving people through chiropractic adjustments, you are unstoppable…in our area of highest value, we are unstoppable.”

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