Have an idea that you believe will change the future of chiropractic?

Do you have a creative idea about...

an operational process?
a new experience for DCs or patients?
an in-office process?
an app?
or any other great idea?

MaxLiving's first-ever Shark Tank Competition

The MaxLiving Shark Tank competition is an opportunity for our MaxLiving network to share your big ideas to our panel of "Shark Tank"-like business leaders.

Submit your written business plan and a 30-60 second video to WOW our MaxLiving leaders for a chance to present on the big stage LIVE at MLX Freedom!

The first place winner will receive the 2022 Shark Tank Innovation Award and a $1500 product store credit! Plus, their idea will be implemented into MaxLiving!

Rules and Judging Criteria

The judges will be comprised of MaxLiving leaders. While each judge will have his or her own perspective of your business plan, there are some specific criteria that all judges must take into account:

Product, service, or process

A description of your big idea, unique sales proposition and benefits, pricing, method(s) of delivery, etc.

Market opportunity

Size of market opportunity, competitive analysis, and how the business will serve the unmet needs or gaps of MaxLiving.

Go-to market strategy

Clearly outlined sales and marketing strategy of how to market and brand.


Presented in summary form, easy to understand, and well thought through.

Team member roles

What specific tasks/roles each of the team members will do within MaxLiving.

Submit your business plan by Wednesday, April 6 to be considered.

You will receive an email by Wednesday, April 13 if we need more information from you or if we are interested in having you present your idea to our sharks live at MLX Generations.

*Those entering the competition may work individually or as a group as long as (at least) one DC is present in the group. All group members must be attending MLX Generations to enter.

Who will win the 2022 Shark Tank Innovation Award?


First place winner will receive the 2022 Shark Tank Innovation Award, a $1500 credit to the MaxLiving Product Store, and their business plan will be incorporated into MaxLiving.

Second place winner will receive a $1000 credit to the MaxLiving Product Store.

Third place winner will receive a $500 credit to the MaxLiving Product Store.

Winner will be announced at MLX Generations.

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