• Balance Your Body Bundle
Balance Your Body Bundle

Balance Your Body Bundle

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Balance Your Body Bundle

MaxLiving Balance Your Body Bundle offers five scientifically formulated products, vitamins for women and men to support optimal health and vitality; Daily Defense against oxidative stress with curcumin C3®; Pro Omega 3 Intensive Formula  provides omega 3-fatty acids to support immunity, cardiovascular, and cognitive health; B-Complex with Delayed Release provides essential B12 vitamins, which play a role in cell formation and DNA synthesis; and our Sleep & Mood Formula provides L-5-hydroxytryptophan, the natural precursor of serotonin to help you balance your mood and get quality sleep.

When your cognitive, physical, and emotional state is balanced, you are better able to create and live a health and wellness lifestyle.


  • Women's Multivitamin or Men's Multivitamin
  • Daily Defense
  • Pro Omega 3 Intensive Formula
  • B-Complex with Delayed Release
  • Sleep & Mood Formula