• New Patient Starter Set
New Patient Starter Set

New Patient Starter Set

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Note: This item replaces the former 5 Essentials Starter Kits.

Congratulations on taking charge of your health! MaxLiving enables you to live your best life with the 5 Essentials - with Chiropractic care at the core. This set contains resources to get you started. 

Together, we will help you align your health.


1 Align Your Health book

Discover the essentials to living a fulfilled, healthy life.

Discover 5 simple steps to natural health and a better quality of life:

  • Fuel your body with whole, natural foods to feel your best.
  • Redefine your approach to fitness and combat stress and anxiety.
  • Minimize toxins and support your body’s natural ability to detoxify.
  • Balance the structure of your body to optimize your health and prevent disease.
  • Embrace a reformed mindset for a new, healthy lifestyle.

 1 MaxT3 Digital Bookmark with Access Code

Just 12 minutes a day will have you attaining the most of oxygen and exercise. Our metabolic conditioning is meant for everyone at any age. Conditioning workouts can be adjusted to achieve your specific results.

Each insert is two sided. One side has redeem instructions using the access code printed on the insert. The other side has a brief explanation of MaxT3 Digital. Please see the "Additional Images" to view what both sides of the bookmark look like.

How does the user access MaxT3 Digital with the Access Code? The MaxT3 Digital access code grants the user access to Module 1 and Module 2 of MaxT3 Digital ($9.99 value per module). They simply login to MaxT3.com and click the link that says: "Already have an access code for MaxT3 Digital? Click here to redeem.", where they enter the access code on their bookmark. After entering the access code, the user enters their email address and creates a password. Immediately they have access to the MaxT3 Digital system and can begin to stream Module 1 and Module 2.

Assembly Required: Both Align Your Health books and MaxT3 Digital Bookmarks with Access Codes will arrive separately from each other. To assemble, simply place the bookmark on the inside of the Align Your Health book as you are handing it to your new patient. 

This item is recommended to be sold in your care plan at a minimum price of $34.99.

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