MaxLiving Launches New Online Store and Customer Experience

MaxLiving Online Store Customer Experience

Orlando – February 12, 2019 – MaxLiving just launched a new online store site offering an enhanced customer experience providing individualized health information, integrated product information, subscription options, and affordable product bundles that support health and fitness goals.

More and more people are encouraged to live the health and wellbeing lifestyle, and as a global healthcare leader, MaxLiving continuously seeks to deliver scientifically supported health information and promote healthy living with natural supplements designed for quality and potency. The new online shopping experience enables users to select from a comprehensive list of specific health topics, obtain targeted health information, and learn which supplements might help their unique lifestyle.

Product bundles focused on women, men, and children’s diverse nutrition combine decision support and affordability all in one transaction. Customers can simply search for a health interest, select the product bundle, and check-out through the secure online payment system.

Ray Leake, Head of Business Development at MaxLiving, elaborates, “We wanted to not only deliver effective, affordable products, but provide consumers health education and a personalized shopping experience. We want people to learn how nutrients support their health and understand how certain supplements may benefit them uniquely based on science and the quality of our products. When armed with information, people are better able to take control of their health.”  

Along with fostering the consumer experience, MaxLiving also added new intelligent functions to increase efficiency and reporting for MaxLiving doctors, clinics, and affiliates.

Victor Leinberger, MaxLiving Relationship Manager, says, “Our doctors appreciate the autoship feature. They often perform a community event and will sell-out of several products so they like the ability to have a product be automatically reordered and sent directly to their office—right in time when they need it. This helps them create efficiencies in their office and increases their ability to help more patients.”

The autoship function allows both doctors and consumers the ability to create recurring transactions for frequently purchased products so they will never run out. Plus, autoship orders receive special discounts making it a more cost-effective, useful option for purchasers.

In addition, MaxLiving provides free shipping on purchases of $49 or more and is constantly sending coupon codes and other discounts to chiropractors and consumers via email providing even more opportunities to save on purchases. Visit our store to sign-up:

As a part of MaxLiving’s strategic plan and goals, the new online store site uniquely positions them to continuously expand their worldwide message of health and wellbeing, add to MaxLiving Chiropractors exhaustive list of tools and resources for success, and perform exceptionally as a leader of healthcare while delivering valuable health information, supplements, and other products that ultimately help more patients achieve health and wellness.

If you are not a MaxLiving Chiropractor, and interested in becoming a part of the MaxLiving organization, contact Kimberly Foster, MaxLiving Business Development Representative, at

MaxLiving is a principal-based, natural healthcare organization founded on five core principles of wellness. The 5 Essentials™ is a natural and effective way to maximize your health by integrating core chiropractic, mindset, nutrition, exercise and oxygen, and minimizing toxin exposure. Our vision of chiropractic and holistic healthcare is recognized through a group of chiropractor partners and practices. MaxLiving exists to transform lives by providing educational seminars, coaching programs, franchise opportunities, and nutritional products and services. We want to educate about the power of chiropractic care and empower people to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Contact: MaxLiving Director of Marketing | (321) 939-3060 |

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