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MaxU Student Club for chiropractic students

Orlando – May 31, 2019 – “Why are you scared to be your true self?” MaxLiving Chiropractor, Dr. Amy Robbins, questioned Life University MaxU Students during her face-to-face talk alongside MaxLiving Chiropractor, Dr. Suzanne Demers Foley. Doing whatever it takes, hard work, finding balance, being your authentic self, and the transition from student to a practicing chiropractor were among the many topics explored by Dr. Robbins and Dr. Foley in their discussion with chiropractic students, on April 26th, at Life University, in Marietta, Ga.

Dr. Demers Foley, from Seagate Chiropractic, in Tampa, Fla., and Dr. Robbins, from Forum Chiropractic, in Fort Myers, Fla., both participated in one of the many MaxU Student Club opportunities available to chiropractic students who are a member of the MaxLiving chiropractic student organization. MaxU Students were able to benefit from the knowledge and experience of successful practicing chiropractors and learn about topics that are not typically covered during coursework, yet vital to a student and chiropractor’s success.

“These two women have amazing energy and beautiful souls,” said MaxU Student, Joy Fuller, from Life University. Fuller expressed how she learned that a chiropractic’s practice should reflect their true authentic self.

Courtney Lampkin, MaxU Student at Life University, emphasized the idea of being one’s authentic self. Dr. Demers Foley and Dr. Robbins’s talk reminded Lampkin that, “when I am my authentic self, I can best connect with the people who match my energy and spirit.” This is especially important, Lampkin stated, when, “connecting with people who have never heard of chiropractic.”

Dr. Robbins is originally from Indiana, and it was her passion for helping people reach their full potential in life that inspired her to become a MaxLiving Chiropractor. Dr. Robbins holds advanced certifications in spinal correction and nutrition. Her passion and dedication to chiropractic care motivates her to help people regain health and wellness every day at her practice.

Dr. Demers Foley received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree, from Life University, and received her advanced chiropractic training and spinal and nutrition certifications through the MaxLiving Health Clinic Training (MLHC) Training Program. She is a renowned speaker and inspiring leader in the Tampa Bay area providing comprehensive health and wellness talks and programs to a large number of corporations, associations, gyms, and organizations.

MaxU Student Club is a MaxLiving student association, whereby chiropractic students have access to a series of speaking events; educational webinars; live Facebook chats with MaxLiving chiropractors; mentorships and transformation camps; advanced certifications; and other educational opportunities and resources that support chiropractic education and professional development.

Belonging to MaxU Student Club enables students to connect with other chiropractic students across the country within the MaxU Student Club Facebook group for discussions, support, and networking. In addition, MaxU Students receive free attendance to MaxLiving conferences, such as MLX, which include special student sessions and luncheons. MaxU Student Clubs are intended to prime chiropractic students to be successful chiropractors and empower them to open their own practices. Many MaxU students are able to establish employment opportunities at MaxLiving Clinics prior to graduation or continue on to become a MaxLiving business owner.

MaxLiving allows any chiropractic student to establish a free MaxU Student Club at their university or college.

MaxU Student Clubs exist at top chiropractic and holistic health universities, including Life University, in Marietta, Ga.; Parker University, in Dallas, Texas; Logan University, in Chesterfield, Mo.; Life Chiropractic College West, in Hayward, Calif.; Palmer College of Chiropractic FL, in Port Orange, Fla.; Palmer College of Chiropractic IA, in Davenport, Iowa; and Sherman College of Chiropractic, in Spartanburg, S.C.

If you are interested in joining a MaxU Student Club or starting a MaxU Student Club at your university or college, contact Samantha Montgomery, MaxLiving Student Relationship Manager, at

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MaxLiving is a natural healthcare organization founded on five core principles of wellness. The 5 Essentials™ is a natural and effective way to maximize your health by integrating core chiropractic, mindset, nutrition, exercise and oxygen, and minimizing toxin exposure. Our vision of chiropractic and holistic healthcare is recognized through a group of chiropractor partners and practices. MaxLiving exists to transform lives by providing educational seminars, coaching programs, franchise opportunities, and nutritional products and services. We want to educate about the power of chiropractic care and empower people to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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