MaxLiving Initiates Chiropractic Mentorship Program for Chiropractic Students

Chiropractic Mentorship

Orlando – December 21, 2018 – MaxLiving initiates a chiropractic mentorship program! The MaxU Student Mentorship Program aims to enhance chiropractic student education and offer students an authentic chiropractic experience delivered by established practitioners. Nine MaxLiving Chiropractors from around the Nation have eagerly committed to mentor MaxU Club chiropractic students from the top chiropractic and holistic health universities: Life University; Parker University; Logan University; Life Chiropractic College West; Palmer College of Chiropractic FL; Palmer College of Chiropractic IA.

“On the road to a great chiropractic life, there are countless wrong turns, land mines, blind spots, and enemies you cannot see. You will find it almost impossible to thrive or even survive without the proper guidance,” Dr. Brian Hooten, at Hooten Family Healing Center, in Dallas, TX, states on the value the MaxLiving Mentorship Program offers chiropractic students in supporting their scholarship and career potential.

Among other opportunities to gain advice, training, and one-on-one personal interaction with a MaxLiving Chiropractor, MaxU Students in the mentorship program can participate in live video Q & A sessions with their mentor, are offered a training workshop video on a topic of their choice, and can attend a luncheon with the doctor for further networking and dialogue.

Dr. Amy Schulz, at Cherry City Chiropractic, in Salem, OR, is excited for the opportunity to be a mentor to students in chiropractic school; she remanences:

“I understand the grind of school. When you have finals, clinic, and maybe even boards, it seems as though you are at your max capacity. The truth is, as a student, you are just building your muscles stronger for future practice. As a student, it is difficult to focus on what’s to come or how to best prepare. One of the best things I did as a student was not only become part of the MaxU Club; it afforded me so many opportunities to be mentored by incredible doctors that I would have never had if I wasn’t a part of club.” 

Dr. Hooten and Dr. Schulz join seven MaxLiving Chiropractors in their desire to help prepare chiropractic students for the chiropractic profession. The nine chiropractor experts serving as mentors in the MaxU Student Mentorship Program include:

  • Nick Barnes, at Health From Within, in Rock Hill, MO;
  • Brian Class, at Life Essentials Health Center, in Mount Pleasant, SC;
  • Elise Hernandez, at Vitality Family Chiropractic, in Arlington, TX;
  • Brian Hooten, at Hooten Family Healing Center, in Dallas, TX;
  • Mark Jones, at ADIO Chiropractic, in Kennesaw, GA;
  • T.J. Osborne, at Discover Chiropractic, in San Jose, CA;
  • Amy Schulz, at Cherry City Chiropractic, in Salem, OR;
  • Anthony White, at West Cobb Chiropractic, in Powder Springs, GA; and
  • Erin Zovath, at Bold City Chiropractic, in Jacksonville, FL.

MaxU Club has been influential in Dr. Schulz’s college journey and profession, “It allowed me to choose carefully how I wanted to best prepare for what I was going to do after graduation. It opened my eyes to processes, the importance of a well-thought-out plan, team training, self-training, and much more!”

Being a part of MaxU Club, working with chiropractors who have successful practices, and attending MaxLiving seminars and conferences are among the opportunities that Dr. Schulz says are what supported her education and helped her get through school. MaxU Student Mentors look forward to be able to deliver this same experience to MaxU Club Students in the MaxLiving Mentorship Program.

Dr. Schulz continues, “I just want the students to know that even though they may feel overwhelmed in school, they have more in their tanks; their capacity is greater!”

If you are a MaxLiving Chiropractor and are interested in becoming a MaxU Student Mentor; or, if you are not a MaxU Student and are interested in joining a MaxU Club or starting a MaxU Club at your university, contact Samantha Montgomery, MaxLiving Manager of Student Relations, at

If you are not a MaxLiving Chiropractor, and interested in MaxLiving, contact Kimberly Foster, MaxLiving Business Development Representative, at

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