Maximized Living Debuts New Brand Identity

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Rejuvenated brand identity and digital presence revealed as core component of MaxLiving’s new strategic direction.

January 25, 2018

CELEBRATION, FLORIDA – North America’s premier chiropractic organization and lifestyle brand, Maximized Living, has undergone a complete rebrand in a move that builds on its reputation for changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients across North America. The company has officially been renamed MaxLiving and is unveiling a refreshed website with an integrated ecommerce store and corporate voice – aspects vital to its new lifestyle brand. The new MaxLiving brand architecture will be rolled out internationally in the coming weeks to all Health Centers and partner locations.

Originally founded in 1998, the organization came under new management in 2017, led by chiropractor and entrepreneur, and MaxLiving’s Executive Chair of the Board Of Managers, Dr. Cliff Hardick. “We wanted to invest in the organization’s brand so that our image reflected our expertise in chiropractic care and wellness and adequately represents the efficacy of our practice in transforming people’s health naturally,” says Dr. Cliff Hardick. He continued, explaining how the revitalization in name, image, and persona demonstrates the organization’s commitment to maintaining leadership in the chiropractic industry and providing an engaging experience to its patients.

MaxLiving’s Strategic Innovation Partner is Arcane. Arcane led MaxLiving’s rebrand. “The renaming reflects the way people abbreviated the organization in conversation – and gives the simplicity and modern face the company needed to reach a wider audience, while remaining recognizable to their current loyal clientele,” says Robin Honey, Chief Creative Officer. Arcane’s team created the new site, focusing on a better user experience and mobile application, and a new logo to convey a modern look that is both credible and engaging. “A redesign of The 5 Essentials program, which is executed by MaxLiving doctors for their patients, was crucial,” Honey continues. This includes a fresh, softer, and more modern color palette that reflects the significant components of the program – core chiropractic, nutrition, mindset, oxygen and exercise, and minimizing toxins.

“We’re excited to reveal the new brand,” says Dr. Cliff Hardick. “People are constantly looking for alternative, less invasive health options and we’ve seen them embrace our 5 Essentials philosophy, so our branding needed to reflect their needs. MaxLiving has been able to help hundreds of thousands of people across the world, and our new identity positions our team to be able to help transform even more lives.”

About MaxLiving

MaxLiving is a network of professional Chiropractic practitioners who are committed to enhancing their patients’ overall health and wellness. The organization’s principles are based on a passionate belief that we can unlock long-term physical and emotional benefits for our patients, helping to maximize their lives. MaxLiving simplifies the many and complex options for finding your personal and natural health and wellness plan for life. MaxLiving’s 5 Essentials™ approach has chiropractic care at the core, as your spine is your body’s central information highway.

Combined with the right mindset, pure and simple nutrition, exercise and oxygen, and minimizing toxin exposure, this holistic lifestyle approach can transform your life.

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