Maximized Living Announces Reorganization and Advancement

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Reaffirms commitment to the chiropractic profession and health transformations of patients worldwide

Celebration, Fla (Jan 12, 2017) – Founded in 1999 by Drs. Ben Lerner and Greg Loman, Maximized Living has provided continuing education, professional development and practice management to nearly 1000 client doctors worldwide, including 94 franchised Health Centers in the United States. With an emphasis on its health care delivery system known as The 5 Essentials, its clients have delivered transformational results to chiropractic patients. Having aligned with multiple USA Olympic teams, Maximized Living doctors have served at two summer Olympic Games and, through the efforts of its co-founders, the company has produced two New York Times best-selling books. Maximized Living’s charitable work has extended through its Foundation into its not-for-profit clinics in Zimbabwe and in the Dream Center in Los Angeles, California.
After 18 years, Maximized Living expresses its highest gratitude and bids farewell to Dr. Lerner. Through the investment of Dr. Cliff Hardick, and through the offering of shares to Maximized Living’s clients and investors, the company anticipates a dynamic, innovative future, remaining committed to excellence in the on-boarding and training of new franchise partners, with expanded outreach to the entire chiropractic profession and its patients.
Newly-appointed Executive Chair of Maximized Living, Dr. Cliff Hardick of London, Canada, shall chair the company’s Board of Managers, steering the company’s vision through its CEO, company executives, and nearly 40 staff members located in Orlando and Naples, Florida.
Dr. Hardick graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1969. He has served patients in clinical practice for nearly five decades and has become known as a passionate speaker on chiropractic college campuses across the United States and Canada and at professional conventions in North America and in Europe. He has been elected by his peers to the College of Chiropractors of Ontario, twice and presently serving as its President. A former world-class marathoner, Dr. Hardick is an avid athlete, enthusiast for healthy living, and embodiment of the 5 Essentials. Beyond his professional experience and passion for chiropractic, Dr. Hardick brings to Maximized Living a career of business experience rooted in banking, real estate and financial services which will naturally serve the company’s development of franchise and non-franchise clinics and their associated products and services.
Committed to communities across the globe through its programs and its clients, and committed to the chiropractic profession through its seminars, partnerships and relationships with our educational institutions, Maximized Living looks forward to engaging the chiropractic profession for the benefit of lives everywhere.

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