It’s Here – The New MaxLiving

Dr. Cliff Hardick Speaking On Stage At MaxLiving Conference

The New MaxLiving: We’re Back and Better Than Ever

It’s been a tremendous year for…MaxLiving.

14 months ago, I became aware of the discussions for Maximized Living, North America’s premier chiropractic organization, to be reorganized as a doctor-and member-owned company.

After seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of lives transformed through The 5 Essentials™ over the past 10–15 years, a voice within me urged me to seek a role in the advancement of Maximized Living.

I’ve been around groups of chiropractors my entire career, but I had never been to a Maximized Living seminar except as a guest speaker when events were held in Canada. I knew the organization was comprised of doctors who cared about humanity and I could see the business potential for the organization was strong. It did not take long for me to commit to investing in Maximized Living and helping us move forward as an organization committed to serving others together.

Business transactions are always on a tight timeline — this was no exception. The sale of Maximized Living from its founders, Dr. Ben Lerner and Dr. Greg Loman, to investors from across North America, occurred just two days before I was scheduled to fly to Houston, Texas to greet our members and speak at our first conference as a new organization.

The energy was vibrant and I could sense the dedication to serving others from all walks of life. These are the principles I attribute my own success in chiropractic to and I am proud to say they are also the principles that drive our members. Many called this a “rebirth” for Maximized Living.

The energy and passion behind the movement needed no change, nor did our foundational 5 Essentials — but we all knew early on that some changes were needed to reflect a growing, advancing organization. We enhanced the websites for our nearly 300 members. We brought in continuing education credits for our doctors at our three annual conferences. We collaborated with other leaders in the profession including Dr. Guy Riekeman, Chancellor of Life University, and Dr. Ron Oberstein, the new President of Life Chiropractic College West. We made our student program entirely free. We simplified but enhanced many of the in-clinic services the organization had for years offered to patients and doctors.

For me, the most exciting step forward was working with our Board of Managers and our Strategic Innovation Partner, Arcane, to rebrand Maximized Living. Our former brand was 11 years old, and although it was adored by hundreds of thousands of health-seekers through the years, it was not truly optimized to communicate the inspiring principles of Maximized Living as it should.

Our brand refresh

In September, we previewed to our members the renaming of Maximized Living to MaxLiving. We also showed them the evolution of our logo and iconography representing The 5 Essentials to an innovative design aligned with principles of holistic well-being. We updated the names of each essential to better reflect how they each contribute to true health and wellness. Core Chiropractic, Nutrition, Mindset, Exercise and Oxygen, and Minimize Toxins form the foundation of everything we do at MaxLiving.

Also in September, MaxLiving introduced a robust platform for digital marketing services for our network to alleviate doctors’ and CAs’ need to manually figure out social media platforms and Google, and to better reach those in communities across North America seeking help through MaxLiving.

This week, our incredible teams in Celebration and Naples, Florida, along with Arcane, flipped on this service, as well as over 200 websites, a new, and a brand new online store.

Most importantly, all of this is in-line with our new brand and updated messaging as the cornerstone of our organization. MaxLiving exists to transform lives through chiropractic. Created by a group of dedicated chiropractors who wanted to help more people live better lives, MaxLiving’s focus on chiropractic and a natural, holistic lifestyle helps people better understand and manage their health now to keep them healthy long-term.

New brand, same life-changing care

We may look much different and offer much more than we did a year ago — but the spirit behind MaxLiving is as strong as ever. That spirit has helped to establish outrageous levels of success for more doctors in chiropractic than any organization in this time — and perhaps, ever. We’ve seen more ultra-successful clinics birthed from MaxLiving than any other room I’ve been in, and the camaraderie which has been an anchor for me in my career is as strong as I have ever seen. Above all, our commitment to individual lives being transformed — rooted in our doctors’ continuing education, certification programs, and programs and resources brought to the public by MaxLiving — remains the reason why we do what we do.

If I and MaxLiving can pour into chiropractic only a fraction of what it has poured into me for 50 years, we will have done our work. But there is much more to do — and 2018 will be the year to do it.

Yours in Chiropractic,

Cliff Hardick, D.C.

Executive Chair, MaxLiving