Professional Development

MaxLiving Vision Casting Retreat

(5:00PM - 9:00AM)

Estes Park, Colorado United States 80511

A Group Of Young People Sit At Nighttime Around A Camp Fire.

The Event

Join Dr. Marc Surprenant and Arron Chambers at our Vision Casting Retreat and define a vision for you, your family, and your chiropractic life! Throughout the weekend, Dr. Marc and Pastor Arron will be joined by experts Dr. Brandon Shriner, Dr. Leanne Schlueter, and Dr. Greg Loman. They will lead captivating sessions showing you the power of developing a clear vision for your business’ future.

Attendees will be able to reflect on these teachings during free time while enjoying nature and the opportunity to refresh. Speakers and coaches are fully committed to each and every person leaving with a very clear vision for their future in business, family life and in MaxLiving. Best of all, bring what you’ve learned from the retreat back home and incorporate it into your practice.

Now is the time to learn how to be the architect of your life, business, and health. Now is the time to reach your goals with true fulfillment, instead of leaving it to chance. With a vision, reaching these goals are more fulfilling, meaningful, and impactful, to help you build the life that you want.


Event Details

This is a MaxLiving client only event, open to all doctors currently part of our network and their spouses.
Due to the nature of topics and trainings, this event is not open to non-spouse CAs and chiropractic students.

Date & Time


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YMCA of the Rockies

2515 Tunnel Rd

Estes Park, Colorado United States

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Attendance for MLHC doctors is complimentary. Lodging and meals are provided for all MLHC doctors at no charge.
Attendance for Partner doctors is complimentary. There is a $300 fee for lodging and meals for Partner doctors and all spouses.

Rooms will be assigned by MaxLiving and presented on site. All attendees will be assigned a roommate. Anyone attending with their spouse will be assigned a double occupancy room.

Important Note for booking travel:
MaxLiving will provide 1 shuttle to and from the Denver International Airport.
Please meet on Thursday the 15th at 3pm near Domestic Baggage Claim. A MaxLiving sign will greet you!
When booking your return flight on the 18th, please book your flight after 12pm. The shuttle will arrive back at the airport by 10:30am, so please take into account check in and security time when planning your travel.

Any transportation needs outside of this shuttle will need to be arranged on your own.