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Rosen Centre in Orlando

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MaxBusiness will teach you to grow your practice by mastering the detailed business growth strategies led by MaxLiving CEO, Shel Hart and other industry leaders.

7 Essentials of Business

Before attending MaxBusiness, complete the MaxLiving 7 Essentials of Business form.

This comprehensive assessment is a great tool to assess the potential strengths and weaknesses within your business in the seven areas of Sustainable Value.

What to expect at MaxBusiness

Join us June 19th and June 20th, 2020 at the Rosen Shingle Creek, in Orlando, FL for MaxBusiness. This event is geared towards the chiropractor looking to advance their practice by implementing personalized growth strategies.

This business seminar is geared towards the chiropractor looking to breakthrough from a being a solid diagnostician to a true business leader! We’ll offer several tracks and breakout sessions to meet the balanced business needs of our profession. Learn why the MaxLiving health delivery system is the best on the planet and how the industry leaders build a lasting legacy through balance of principle, passion, AND profits.

*This includes primary MLHCs, Partners, and Associates with current MaxLiving agreements only.

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MaxBusiness Pricing

Financial Legacy

  • Know your numbers – P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow.
  • Develop easy to understand dashboards and key indicators.
  • How to develop an annual operating budget and break down.
  • Understand the “rules of financial engagement” as it pertains to paying yourself, building a reserve, leaving clinic properly capitalized and investing.
  • Compliancy algorithms and key fundamentals.
Financial Legacy at MaxBusiness

Team Culture

  • Fundamentals of recruitment, selection, onboarding, and retention.
  • Understanding the drivers of employee commitment.
  • Defining roles and specific accountabilities.
  • Leadership framework on what you need to set vision, align talents/resources, and championing results.
  • Interviewing and assessment.
  • Developing variable compensation plans.
  • Developing the Independent Contractor / Associate Doctor pathway.
Team Culture at MaxBusiness


  • Learn proven system that attracts and retains the right patients.
  • Learn fundamentals of reputation management and creating high quality reviews.
  • Latest in digital marketing and maximizing your return on marketing spend.
Marketing at MaxBusiness

Patient Experience

  • Patient assessment and care plan design.
  • Role of resources and care plan integration.
  • Re-exam and re-sign process.
Patient Experience at MaxBusiness

The Health Delivery System

MaxLiving has created the first ever complete health delivery system. 

The MaxLiving Health Delivery System starts with a foundation built on the true principles of health. Implementing this advanced system requires disciplined passion intertwined with clinical standards, financial measurements, and network resources. This system of holistic living incorporates the core aspects to power a profession capable of changing the world.

The MaxLiving Health Delivery System
Core Chiropractic

Spinal Corrective Process Level 2

Join us on Thursday, June 18th 2020 to learn about ligament damage and degeneration and receive:

  • Hands on training with instrument, manual, and drop table
  • Advanced Knowledge
  • Body weighting techniques
  • Home rehab procedures
  • Lumbar spine adjusting procedures
  • Technique on pre and post films and what to do if no response
  • Practical Applications
  • Taking, analyzing and interpreting all motion films of the spine
  • Dealing with A to P misalignments

This event is only available for current MaxLiving doctors in contract that have completed Level 1 certification. 8 hours of CE will be available in certain states and cost is included in MaxLiving doctor membership. Registration separate from MaxBusiness. List of approved states is coming soon.

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Spinal Corrective Process Level 2 Training

Venue and Accommodations

MaxBusiness will take place at the Rosen Centre which is located on International Drive and Orlando’s most celebrated attractions.

Special MaxLiving room rates begin at $89 per night for the first person and $20 per night for each additional person which includes the following:

  • Sleeping room internet access
  • Complimentary self parking for MaxBusiness guests
  • Valet available for $26 per night
  • Bottled water
  • Transportation to surrounding attractions
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